Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hillbilly Tea

Outside @ Hillbilly Tea
Recently, my grandmother came to visit us in Louisville, Ky. I really love having out of town visitors because it gives me the chance to approach a city that I am in on a regular basis like a tourist. I visit the tourist websites and find fun things that I think would be something my visitor would enjoy.

My grandmother and I share a love for tea. So I searched the web to try and find like a little tea house or a place around town that offered tea and boy did I find a place! A fantastic little place called Hillbilly Tea. Emphasizing an Appalachian theme with a focus on tea it was the perfect place to show an out of town visitor Kentucky culture.
How they served tea: with filters on top of mason jars.

Besides being the perfect theme, it was well decorated and very rustic and authentic. I loved the decor that had lots of re-claimed wood, mason and mustard jars, paint cans filled with tea, etc. Well thought out with great attention to detail, I knew when I arrived this was going to be a special place. So we ordered a tea platter, some tea, and a peach salad. The tea platter was so cute and included:  
Decor. Great tea themed desserts.

smoked chicken salad on corn pone
benedictine on stale bread
biscuit & apple butter
pork fried popcorn
candied nuts
tea cookie trio

The benedictine for those of you who don't know is like a whipped cucumber cream cheese that is a Kentucky Derby Staple. You can use it as a dip or on a sandwich, either way, its refreshing and delicious. Check out the recipe here

The biscuits were incredible and pork fried popcorn delicious. Finishing up with some tea cookies.... I cannot wait to go back to this place. 

You should definitely check it out. 

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